Enhance property performance

  • We strive to be a dynamic REIT, investing in quality retail assets with sustainable income streams and thereby maximising stakeholder value.
  • We continuously revise and refine how we measure and monitor the ‘health’ of our properties through KPIs which takes cognisance of the various aspects of our business.
  • At an operational and property level, we focus on the integration and alignment of the asset management strategies to ensure that the objectives we set at a property level are achieved.

Increase our marketing, communication and brand footprint

  • We are committed to enhancing our built environment and strive to be the landlord of choice.
  • As a growing fund, it is of utmost importance to have a positive reputation and communicate this to our stakeholders through increased brand awareness and communication.

Invest in our people

  • We aim to create a work environment that is conducive to innovative thinking, efficiency and growth.
  • Our staff training and development program introduces new skills and competencies to all our employees and enables each person to operate in a more resourceful manner.

Invest in yield enhancing energy and water efficiencies

  • Managing our environmental impact has become increasingly important. We have sourced energy efficiencies and water saving initiatives that are yield enhancing, reduces the cost of occupancy to our tenants and reduces the impact we have on the natural environment.

Conclude yield-accretive acquisitions

  • We remain convinced that our strategic investment focus offers investors attractive returns and distinctive diversification opportunities.

Engage in strategic partnerships

  • We seek mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships to gain critical mass and reduce operating costs by sharing excellent resources and the latest technology.
  • We remain focused on developing relationships with experienced developers and private landlords to bring new assets to the listed sector through both brown and green field projects.

Gain access to capital

  • Our strategic focus is to gain access to capital to refinance expiring debt facilities, have funding available for acquisitions and developments while maintaining our LTV Ratio and fixing debt within our targeted levels. We look to broaden our shareholder base through investor relation initiatives, marketing and brand awareness and will look to alternative funding structures such as commercial paper in due course. We will continue with our dividend reinvestment plan.